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2011 Team

Our Generous Sponsors
 Organizations and Businesses
 Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Rice Campus
 University of Illinois at Chicago WISE Pre-College Outreach Program
 University of Chicago
 Molex Corporation
 American Society of Civil Engineers, Illinois Chapter
 Sumpura Inc.
G.E.M.S. Organizing Committee
 Cassidy Schneider, Naperville Central High School
 Shriya Shah, Naperville Central High School
 Annlin Sheih, Naperville Central High School
 Aneysha Bhat, Neuqua Valley High School
 Pooja Saxena, Neuqua Valley High School

 Student Adviser
 Sabina Maddila, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Team Members
 Aleyna Kapur, Payal Shukla, Grace Ng, Krithika Subramani, Chandni Nigam