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2010 Workshop

Ruth Sweetser-- Director of Professional Learning & Business Relations at Illinois Institute of Technology Rice Campus and Past President of AAUW(American Association of University Women)
Pushpa Bhat--High Energy Physicist at FermiLab; video conference from CERN, Switzerland

 Eileen Gelblat--Telecommunications at Alcatel-Lucent
 Susan Gaugush--Electrical Engineer at Caterpillar 
 Udita Singh--Information Technology at Blue Cross & Blue Shield 

 Suzanne Smyth--Staff Consultant at Packer Engineering
 Harsharan Bains--Lead Design Safety and Environmental Engineer at  Chicago Bridge & Iron Company
 Christina Magerkurth--Environmental Engineering Consultant, Magerkurth Associates, Inc.

 Mandy Rominsky--Postdoctoral Research Assistant of Particle Physics at  Fermi-Lab 
 Susan Kidwell--Professor of Geophysical Sciences at University of Chicago 
 Kirsten Laurin-Kovitz--Project Engineer at Argonne National Lab
 Kristen Pappacena--Postdoctoral Researcher of Material Sciences at Argonne National Lab 

 Ying Liu--Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Illinois Chicago
 Barbara Moriarty--Chemistry Research Associate at Nalco Company
 Maureen L. Bricker--Research and Design Fellow at UOP
 Pushpa Samuel--Research and Development Engineer at ev3 Inc.    

Closing Panel         
 Stephani Stachniak--Higher Education Admissions at Illinois Institute of Technology
 Jane Andrew--Science Writer and Editor at Argonne National Laboratory
 Khenya Still--Recent Graduate and Instrument Engineer at Chicago Bridge & Iron Company